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One electric motor controls the barber chair’s reclining. You can hold any posture. 165-degree recline in all positions for the chair. You may quickly switch to your preferred elevating or reclining posture by pressing two buttons. We buy barber chairs, heavy duty barber chairs, professional barber chairs, barber chair price, barber shop chairs for sale, heavy duty barber chairs, salon barber chairs, barbers chairs, the barbers chair, barbershop chair, best place to buy used barber chairs in California, and best place to buy vintage barber chairs.

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Barber Chair  Site is quite proud of it’s imagination and meticulousness. The top producers in the sector create our barber chairs, which are constructed to a high level that we have established.
We exclusively use the best cast aluminum framing and powerful hydraulic parts in all of our products.
Simply said, our competitors are unable to offer the same product at the same price since our manufacturers have granted us exclusive rights to sell their barber chairs. They may look alike, but on the inside, they are completely different from one another. barber shop chairs for saleantique barber shop chairs, barbers chair baldwyn ms, the barbers chair wellesley 


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I received my purchase a week earlier than expected and this chair exceeded my expectations! It was pretty easy to set up with the instructions. My clients love the comfort of this chair and the recline feature. I highly recommend this item!

John Smith

United kingdom

Quick service, from the day I ordered to delivery was 2 days. Had a minor issue with a piece missing and they addressed it quickly and even delivered the piece in the same day.

Jessica Golden


Less then a week delivery ( weekend included )
Very easy to assemble chair myself
Very low, reasonable shipping prices
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Carl Schenger



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